What Is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is the process of using cold water over a longer period of time to extract the flavours and oils from the Coffee Bean as opposed to the traditional heat extraction methods which use hot water, over a shorter amount of time.

How do we make this Liquid Gold you may ask? 

Over time we've developed this brewing process to humbly deliver you the fine cold brew coffee you see here today. By using only the best coffee we can find, Our methodology allows us to bring you the rich, velvety favors of the bean while leaving the bitterness of a heat extracted coffee behind. 

We start our small batch process by steeping our coarsely ground premium beans in tepid water for up to 18hrs. We then pressurize the fermenters with nitrogen and agitate the brew several times, to ensure we get the extraction just right. Once the brewing is complete, we remove the grounds and push this sweet liquid gold through our filtration tanks with a blast of nitrogen.  Once filtered it rests in our pressurized kegs, Ice Cold, ready to bottle or tap for your enjoyment.

The result is a deliciously strong coffee with a subtle chocolate backbone and slight citrus undertones. (The Guys @ Detour Roasters  Wrote That Last Fancy Bit, We just think it tastes like really good coffee)